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Saaremaa Golf & Country Club

Saaremaa Golf & Country Club 2020 golf year is coming to an end.

Although the course is still open and the players have more rounds of play, it is a good time to thank all the golfers who have visited us.
If you would like to sum up the ending year, it must be said that it was a special year. On the positive side, it must be said that your players did not forget us and you went to enjoy golf, and thank you very much for that. We very much hope that next year the conditions will be better and we will have the opportunity to offer you an even better golf experience.

The new club grew from zero in the first year and a half to a 249-member golf club. As a member of a golf club, you can enjoy a round of golf in the best conditions. As a member, you can also get delicious dishes and cold drinks from Restaurant Mo on a hot summer day. Golf club members have the opportunity to play at the best price on two of the best golf courses in Estonia, Saare Golf and Pärnu Bay Golf Links. To enable this, we have made the new Saaremaa Golf & Country Club open to everyone and easily accessible.
What makes our Saaremaa Golf & Country Club open to everything is the fact that:

  • We have no club admission fees or membership fees.
  • We don’t need to own golf course shares to enjoy the best green fee rates.
  • You do not need to know the club management personally to become a member of the club.
  • We have a handicap for free just as we have free Wi-Fi

You can always come and enjoy a round of golf in good company, great food and a cold drink in the club restaurant. In the club, you will also always find friendly caddy masters and golf companions.
Come and celebrate our success and join a club that is open to everyone!
We celebrate this and invite all friends to join a club that is open to all golfers!
See you at Saaremaa Golf & Country Club if not earlier than in the new year!