About us

“Golf isn’t just our business; it’s our passion” At Saaremaa G&CC we are about increasing the number of golf club members, while dealing with the barriers which stop people from joining golf clubs.

Namely, time, money and flexibility. We know “one size does not fit all” and so we have researched what golfers want and developed our business accordingly. With this in mind we have created four innovative membership opportunities, Multi-Course, Corporate, Family and Flexible packages. These options not only provide a solution to the needs of individual golfers but will also provide a more prosperous future for Estonian golf clubs.

What is the concept

  • A solution to Increase membership
  • A method to match the modern-day golfers’ expectations
  • An opportunity to future proof our golf club business
  • A simple and affordable way to grow Estonian golf

Join our club and let’s all make an effort to grow Estonian Golf society.