We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to Saare Golf!
Please study our house rules here
You can find scorecard here, men’s slope here and ladies slope here
We are pleased that you are playing here and it will be our continuing objective to maintain and manage Saare Golf Club in a manner which assures a pleasant experience for you. We, therefore, request that you:
  • always adhere to your scheduled tee times,
  • maintain an appropriate tempo of play,
  • ensure that you don’t impede the pace of faster players, and
  • play safely and in control at all times
To provide for a playing environment of which we can all be proud, we request that you familiarise yourself with and observe traditional golf etiquette and rules, which include the following guidelines:
  • Appropriate golf attire should be worn at all times,
  • Replace all divots, repair ball marks on greens and rake bunkers after use,
  • Do not damage the hole by standing too close to it when removing the flagstick or your ball,
  • Return carts and other borrowed equipment to their appropriate place, and
  • Limit use of mobile phones to emergencies only
While playing, it is compulsory to abide by the local rules:
Tel +372 4533 502
e-mail booking[A]saaregolf.ee