Hole in one`s

The hole-in-one partner is luxury Ekesparre Boutique Hotel!

Where is the mystical-mythical Ultima Thule, the end of the world, where the first ever explorer Creek Pythease sailed in 4th century b Chr? The ultimate island, where locals grow sheep and grain, love fishing, boat building, honey and proudly talk about the cradle of the Sun? One of the greatest mysteries of European cultural history many has tried to solve, including Winston Churchill, Fridtjof Nansen and hundreds of scientists from around the world. Also our ex-president Lennart Meri. His hypothesis, leaning on the existing historical notes, in 1974 in his book “Silver-White”, was – the magical island is Saaremaa and the cradle is our famous Kaali Meteor Crater! So it is! Come to our mystical-magical island Saaremaa to enjoy one of the top Estonian golf courses Saare Golf and sense the summer vibes of resort town Kuressaare. Perhaps the magical aura of the island enables you to realize right here one of Your dreams – to hit at least once in-a-lifetime the hole-in-one! We wish you a good luck, enjoyable holidays and many nice reasons to return.

The All-in-one-package includes for two:

  • 2 nights accommodation in deluxe room
  • 2 plentiful breakfast with sparkling wine
  • 2 green fee vouchers of Saare Golf (18-holes)
  • 3 –course dinner at Kuressaare Kuursaal
  • Free entrance to Gospa sauna centre

All-in-one 2






Date Name Hole
19.08.2010 Mart Kutsar 14
25.04.2011 Igor Leemet 10
23.05.2011 Jarkko Toivonen 10
17.05.2011 Paavo Tikka 10
06.07.2011 Aivar Paluvee 5
13.08.2011 Külli Saart 5
06.08.2011 Andrei Birukov 10
23.08.2011 Anneli Laakso 14
12.06.2012 Arto Salminen 10
13.07.2012 Viktor Gararuk 10
26.07.2012 Priit Post 14
10.08.2012 Triin Anette Kaasik 10
05.10.2012 Vahur Roht 14
23.06.2013 Cristopher-Kevin Kunila (juunior) 5
08.08.2013 Allan Raassalu 5
12.05.2014 Raili Kolehmainen 5
31.05.2014 Tero Väli-Mattila 10
25.09.2014 Ago Arge 14
14.06.2015 Maido Pajo 5
16.06.2015 Karola Soe (juunior) 10
26.06.2015 Raimo Snellman 10
20.08.2017 Toomas Tamme 7
12.07.2018 Anneli Nordström Lundqvist 10
31.07.2018 Aivo Kanemägi 10