Saare Golf joined with Golfhäftet benefit program

Golfgäftet is Europe’s largest program offering benefits between golf courses and golfers, bringing together nearly 1000 golf courses in 12 countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania and Estonia). This year the plan is to expand rapidly in the Baltics and France. Most of the card holders are Swedes, Danes and Norwegians.

Golfers who are the owners of Golfhäftet Card can play one round per season with a 50% discount at golf courses that have joined the program. Cards are seasonal and personal. The price is only 55 EUR. This is an ideal opportunity for those who are planning to play golf at different courses this season. All tee-times need to be booked beforehand. If you know that you need the card immediately or more than one (for your friends too of course), contact Saare Golf Caddiemaster.

All courses that have joined the program can be found HERE