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Saare Golf Course

Saaremaa Golf & Country Club in the nicest golf facility in Estonia

Saaremaa Golf & Country Club in the nicest golf facility in Estonia according to many players visiting us. Alongside the medieval town of Kuressaare on Estonia’s largest island of Saaremaa, served by Kuressaare’s international airport, visitors will discover one of the premier golfing destinations in the Baltics. Saare Golf provides a unique opportunity to combine championship-level golf with Kuressaare’s many leisure activities and attractions, ranging from its famous spas and beaches to its medieval castle and historic town centre, all situated within a convenient 10-minute walk of the course.

Carved out of a majestic natural setting, the course layout takes advantage of nature’s handiwork to offer a memorable challenge to golfers of every skill level. Our packages provide for an extensive choice of spa, sport and other leisure activities which will appeal to children and grown-ups alike. Saaremaa’s moderate climate will normally allow for the golf season to extend until November if not beyond. The Saaremaa Golf & Country Club, which operates on the course, offers all the services that players need to play golf. If you wish, you can play with your friends or take part in weekly competitions. There are also very high-level sports competitions, for example, in 2019, the Estonian Amateur Open, as well as the Estonian Stroke Championships, were held.

The proximity of the golf course to the centre of Kuressaare is unique in Estonia. Many players come on foot or bike and play quick nine holes. Most days, you can come and find the perfect tee time without having to wait too long.

The course designed by renowned Finnish golf architect Lassi Pekka Tilander to get a great experience to remember many years.

Saare Golf


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